Bubblin’ Family = Bubblin’ Moves students, Bubblin’ Crew & Queens of Everything.

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Bubblin’ Crew is a seven-member dance crew that promotes authentic Jamaican dancehall and dancehall culture in Finland. They are representing the street style crew dancing in the Finnish dancehall scene.

Being in a crew is about friendship, teamwork and enjoying the dance. The group was formed in the beginning of 2010, almost accidentally, out of people with lots of difference in age, dance experience, dancehall knowledge. Along the years the group has evolved a lot and reached current and final form: the founder and leader Bubblin’ Breezes, original member Zuzan, and members since late 2011 Sophia and Emma,  since 2015, Wilma. 2016 new member Aino joined the crew and in the spring 2017 Suvi joined the crew after being featuring in the group in various dance contests.

Out of respect for the foundation and culture behind the dance, they have been traveling to Jamaica at least once a year, since the start. Going to the source to learn is essential for them, they can’t really see how they could do this any other way. They have been practising with the best, like Rifical Team, Elite Team, Black Eagles, Latonya Style, First Class dancers, Mystic Davis, Shady Squad, Supreme Blazers, John Bling, M.O.B., BG Dancerz, Ghetto Legacy, Freshh Kidds, Collo Squad, to mention some.

Bubblin’ Crew is focusing on the “unisex moves” (in contrast to their name!), but they do do the girl styles also, not forgetting the acrobatic tricks. They love to build their shows around particular themes and have a story in them.

Bubblin’ Breezes is the leader and main choreographer of the group. She has spent the most time in Kingston, practising and learning the culture behind the dance. She is the founder, owner and main teacher of Bubblin’ Moves “The dancehall school”. Her work is a huge reason why the dancehall dance scene has been growing exponentially in Finland, and especially in Helsinki. There is now a vibrant community called Bubblin’ Family which includes Bubblin’ Crew, Queens of ******* Everything (crew) and Bubblin Moves students.

Winner – Finlands Official Dancehall Crew Contest 2013

Nomination: Favorite International Dance Crew, DanceJa Awards 2012 (the only crew from Finland).

Winner: Helsinki Urban Dance Week Battle Night Dancehall 2 vs. 2 Battle, Sophia/Bubblin Crew & Nadja/Bubblin Stars.

Warm up shows for / on stage with artists such as:
RDX, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Konshens, Popcaan, Capleton, Jah Vinci, Stein.

Dance shows in the main dancehall clubs in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland.

Music video appearences:
We are the Dance, Aidonia – Tip on your toe, Brandish ft. Elite team- Shoota, Ding Dong ft. various artists- We are the Dance (yet unreleased), Ding Dong – Wine up, Konshens- Couple Up, Munga – Party Hard, Shaggy Feat.Eve – Girls just wanna have fun, Mavado ft. Chi Ching Ching – Settle Down pt.2, Macka Diamond & Devina Burn – You like it, Lady Saw – Wife a wife, UEFA EURO 2012 Theme song, Melpo Mellz – Pose, Nopsajalka – School dayz, Raappana – Sateen roping, I-On: Raidaa.

Bubblin’ Crew dance moves :

Touchdown (2013)
Ready! (2013)
Flashing Lights (2012)
Design Wine (2012)
Confidence (2012)
Move (***** get outta way) (2012)
Bubblin’ (2011)
Bubblin’ Cowgirl




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Queens of ******* Everything is a dancehall dance group,  founded by Bubblin’ Breezes in 2011, and specialized in the so-called “dancehall queen style”. The style is about acrobatic tricks and girly steps, not forgetting hot choreographies, hard dancehall attitude and a drop of madness!

The group has six dancers and it has peformed in various events since its start. The events include Helsinki Reggae Festival 2014Ilosaarirock 2012 (w/ Kuningassoundi), BoomBox Festival 2012 (w/ Kuningassoundi), Reggae Explosion, Dancehall Saturdaze, Reggae Stomp, Jamaica Calling, Roller Derby Championships, Sexy Fridayz & Tropical Saturdays.

You can spot the group in music videos like Nopsajalka – School Dayz (2012), Norlan El Misionario feat. Coppershot – Rapapam Girl (2013), Raappana – Sateen Ropinaa (2013) and the newest video I-on Raidaa. 






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