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Bubblin’ Moves organizes dance and training trips for its students – other dancehall enthusiasts, from beginners to teachers, are welcome. Trips can be tailored according to wishes. You do not need to be on a certain skill level in your dancing, but some knowledge about dancehall culture and Jamaica is recommended, it will help you to enjoy and get more out of the trip.

The guide and trip leader is Meri-Tuuli Hirvonen, the owner of Bubblin’ Moves “The Dancehall School”, a dance teacher and a former travel guide. Meri-Tuuli practises regularly in Kingston with some of the best dancehall dancers in the world, and is known in Finland as a teacher of authentic and up-to-date dancehall, as well as a member and main choreographer of Bubblin’ Crew, Finlands Best Dancehall Crew 2013. She has organized dance trips for a variety of groups since 2010, 8 in total.
The purpose of the trip is to get to know dancehall culture in the place where it was born and still lives: the Kingston streets and dances. The main purpose is getting to know the dancing and the culture in Kingston, but a few days will be spent in the countryside where you can to enjoy the beautiful nature: rainforests, beaches and waterfalls. Different areas of Kingston will also be visited together, on one day there will be a visit to Bob Marleys home in Trench Town and a tour mapping out the homes and studios of famous dancehall artistes, etc. Part of the programme is also a day on the beach and a trip to Lime Cay. Guide and info services are provided for the whole length of the stay. It is optional to take part in the planned programme, and there is plenty free time that you can spend as you will!

With a knowledgeable guide you will get more out of your trip, and within a short time you get to train actively, see the best of Kingston and get reliable answers to your questions. The group size is 10 people or less. You can also opt to stay longer on the island, or the travel arrangements can be made according to your wishes.

Interested? Email: info (at) bubblinmoves.com for more info!