Throwback: Great moments!

The whole Spring 2013- Fall 2013 period was a celebration for Bubblin’ Moves – We were pampered with the privilege to have some of the biggest dancehall stars teaching workshops in Helsinki. First it was Andre Cosmic (Elite Team, Jamaica) in May, later he came back for the Bubblin’ Bootcamp in June. See a short clip of Cosmic’s verbings here! We also had Dee (France) teaching hip hop, house and body works both in May and June (Vibes from Dee’s Body works/ formation class here!).

Hard work pays off: Bubblin’ Moves took home the Helsinki Urban Dance Week Battle win! In total, 8 out of 10 dancers who participated were reppin’ Bubblin’ Moves.

The Bootcamp in July was a success as well; sweat, tears and lots of energy and laughter – 4 hours of dance per day!! Melpo Mellz (DoubleTrouble, Sweden) and Breezes rocked their classes too, as always!

In August we had a pleasure to learn from Jacqui Enough (Enough Crew, Sweden).

Summer turned into fall and in September, it was time to go back to (dancing) school and start practice for Xmas shows! . It turned to be a very busy semester for Bubblin’ Moves ; We had Sri-Lanka Rifical (Jamaica) in October, Blacka di Danca (NY) & Queen Latesha (Jamaica) in November, and the grande finale: Latonya Style (Jamaica) in December! See the video of the greatest moments here.  Not to mention the Official Finland’s Best Dancehall Crew contest & Dancehall Queen contest in November as well – Bubblin’ Crew took home the title for the best crew. The atmosphere was something greater than I can describe: almost 40 dancers from Bubblin’ Family traveled together to the contest and supported all crew’s with all their hearts (and voices!!). Check QFE’s & Bubblin’ Stars showcases as well!

All of the sudden year 2013 was almost over and only the long-waited Christmas Show left! Together with Studio Tambor we had 150 dancers on stage – the night was full of emotions, the place full of water (let’s not get into the leaking toilets here…) and party did turn up and turn ova!!!

If You Believe In Dancehall/ Jump Around And Throw Your Hands to the Sky

– And JOIN the BUBBLIN’ FAMILY!!! Hope you enjoyed the memories and video clips, there is more to come soon!